Edward Minoff  爱德华 敏诺夫

    我的灵感源于诗中的万物 --- 从眼神中反映的人物品格以至雷电的震撼。我的作品书写我对周遭事物的认识。为了获得直接而独特的创作经验,我只以生活和记忆维原型作画。无论是静物,肖像或风景画,我的作品是我与作画对象的一种互动 --- 不仅仅是表面的观察,而且是真实的,立体的了解。

     I am inspired to paint by the poetry that I find in almost anything - from a certain human quality in a person's eyes to the power of a thundering ware, my paintings are essays on my understanding of the world around me. I paint exclusively from life and memory in order to create an experience that is both direct and singular. Whether I am painting a still-life, portrait or landscape, the work is a result of my personal interaction with the subject, not only observed, but understood in real, three-dimensional space.

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