Exclusive Commissions 高级私人定制

下面为我们的艺术家之一Joshua LaRock 约舒华.拉若克近期完成的一些国内肖像定制及其自画像等定制作品,以及其他艺术家完成的不同风格的肖像人物和其他定制作品。我们不但提供不同风格的写实油画肖像高级定制,同时也承接其他特别指定内容的艺术创作的高级私人定制服务,请随时联系我们
Below exclusive Chinese portrait commissions have been completed by one of our artists-Joshua LaRock and the other portraits and special commissions done by other artists. We can offer not only portraits but also a full range of exclusive commissions servicePlease do feel free to contact us   

This is what a portrait takes...肖像创作的过程


This is what a portraits takes...Our artist has to come to meet with every single client. He needs to do a necessary drawing and color study, at the same time, have a nice conversation with client to get to know him/her well, especially their career, personal character, religions and believes as well as personal habits etc. He will them take the information along with those live studies back to his own studio in US,  and continue working on the portrait for consecutive few weeks to complete a successful portrait work. It is very complicated, and time consuming. It requires outstanding talents and solid artistic skills and techniques to accomplish such a portrait artwork. The way our artists did is the right way a classic portrait should be done...they showed their respect to the art, the client and the art's'classic tradition ...The portrait is not a merchant, it is a classic art that framed the most precious moment in your life. Art is priceless...

Portraits & Figures from different artists 其他艺术家的肖像人物作品

Other Exclusive Commissions 其他特别指定题材的高级私人定制