Jacob Collins 雅各布 柯林斯


  雅各布.柯林斯生于1964年,是曼哈顿中央美术学院的创始人,著名艺术家,老师及现代写实派的典范代表。他的作品糅合了19世纪美式写实派的古风以及现今写实主义的崭新观点,体现了古典美和创造性的有机结合。柯林斯在哥伦比亚大学获得艺术系学士学位,随后进入纽约艺术学院,Ecole Albert Defois。他的作品频繁在北美和欧洲展出,更有部分作品被多个美国著名博物馆收藏。


    JACOB COLLINS (b. 1964) is the founder and director of the Grand Central Academy in Manhattan and is a respected artist, teacher, and tole model in the field of contemporary realism. Combining a technique reminiscent of the nineteenth -century American realists with a freshness of vision scarcely encountered among today's  traditional painters. Collin's works from that rarest of unions where classic beauty and striking originally meet as harmonious equals. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College and attended the New York Academy of Arts, Ecole Albert Defois. Collins' work has been widely exhibited in North America and Europe. His works is included in several American Museums.    

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