Joseph Todorovitch约瑟夫 托德若维奇

    绘画应当使人着迷。 我的想法是,在某些角度而言,最伟大的绘画是很有力量。最初的时候,庞大,简单而又和谐的设计意念能抓住观赏者的注意力,吸引他们更近距离地查探作者的身份。在这更深入地调查过程之中,伟大的绘画持续地给予人们趣味与启发。伟大的绘画之妙,在于能够使观赏者困惑而又兴奋。自我的表达全赖于艺术家积累下来的经验。尽管如此,说易行难。

    Paintings should captivate. It's my opinion that the greatest paintings are universally powerful in some way. Initially, a large simple harmonious design concept will seize the viewer and invite them to inspect the authorship from a closer distance. Upon further investigation, great paintings continue to provide interest and insight to the process in which the work was created. The great painting will baffle and excite the viewer with ingenuity. This is done by carefully orchestrating a symphony of fundamentally grounded principles that have been established throughout our history for the purpose of personal expression. Easier said than done. 

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