Joshua LaRock  约舒华 拉若克

     作为一名艺术家,我的愿望和梦想是通过艺术展现实物的美丽和美好的一面。我相信艺术在文化修养上有重要的位置,并发觉在西方近代艺术史上一些深刻而有意义的东西已经消逝。艺术的巨大潜力并没有被充分利用。我的作品是我努力参与复兴古典绘画传统的成果,这些作品展示了在这个残酷的世界仍然存在善良,真实和美好的东西。借用伟大的哈德逊画派风景画家阿舍 B 杜兰德的话,我希望“通过可见的物质美来打动人们的心灵,并去发掘深层次的无形的非物质的东西”。

       My desire and vision as an artist is to proclaim the good news of the truth and beauty through fine art. I believe that art has an important place in the cultivation of culture and I am impressed with an acute sense that something profound and meaningful has been lost in the recent history of western art; the great potential it offers has not been fully employed in what has been produced. My work, then, is the fruit of my passion to join in the revival of a rich classical painting tradition that announces there is yet goodness, truth and beauty amidst a difficult world. To quote the great Hudson River School landscape painter Asher B. Durand, I hope "Impress the mind through the visible forms of material beauty with a deep sense of the invisible and immaterial."

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